The idea

Capture the energy that is currently wasted when using a Concept 2 rowing machine, BikeErg or SkiErg whilst keeping the experience the same.

How does it capture the energy?

The fan is replaced with a generator that creates electricity.  This electricity can then charge a portable battery or be consumed on-site via the electrical grid.

How does it work?

We retro fit existing Concept 2 rowing machines with the technology to capture the energy.  We make sure no damage is done to the rowing machine with our technology so it can be reverted at any time. We also ensure that the rowing experience is not altered by our technology so the user cannot tell the difference, apart from it being a bit quieter. The user will need to purchase a suitable battery/portable power station or a suitable grid connected micro inverter to capture the energy.  The device can also dissipate any excessive energy internally as heat so the exercise machine can always be used even if the battery is fully charged or not connected.

What stage are we at today?

Currently we are testing a prototype and trying to secure funds for a production version that can be sold.  We plan to build 200 units in 2023 and will start taking pre-orders soon.  Follow us on Twitter or contact us to get further information or download an initial datasheet.



81 Main Road

Colden Common


SO21 1RP

RowElectric will transform your rowing workout into useful energy that you can use whenever you want.

And you won't even know it is doing it.