Frequently Asked Questions

How much power can a rower produce?

Humans cannot compete against fossil fuel generators but we can make a small difference!  The average rower at a steady pace of 2:00mins/500m will be able to produce about 140 watts of usable electrical power.  However if you are a top athlete who can row at a steady 1:40mins/500m then you will be generating around 250 Watts of usable electrical power.  We have made every effort to make the technology as efficient as possible to capture as much energy as we can - as every bit counts!


Where does the power go?

The energy goes into a battery.  We use LiFePO4 batteries as they are ideal for this application and very safe.  We use a portable power pack with an in-built 230V inverter, 12V and USB sockets that houses the battery so it is all ready to power most devices that you wish.

What happens when the battery is full?

When the battery gets full you will start to notice it as the rowing machine will start to feel 'lighter'.  The rotor will start to not decelerate as quickly.  This will happen gradually so you will not end up flying off the back of the rowing machine but it means that the energy you are producing has no where to go.  If you want to carry on rowing you will need to plug a load into the power pack such as a TV.  If the load is greater than your power in then you will be able to carry on your workout.  The battery we use will take 1 to 2 hours depending on the rower to get full assuming no consumers are connected to it.

Does the rowing machine feel different?

No - a lot of time and effort has been put into making the rowing experience exactly the same.  The performance monitor will work as before and the experience will feel the same, except it will be a bit quieter and you will not have the fan blowing air around. 

Can I change back to the fan if I want to?

Absolutely.  No permanent changes or modifications are made to the Concept 2 machine.  

Can I use my own 12V DC battery?

Yes in principle that is fine.  In practice the battery would need to be a suitable rating and type.  Normal lead acid batteries would have to be large to cope with the amount of power that is why we use LiFePO4 batteries. We can give plenty of advice on this from our experience so please contact us to discuss further.

Is it reliable?

The Concept 2 machine is a robust, reliable and durable piece of equipment that will keep on working, even with heavy use and very limited maintenance.  Our primary aim is to make the RowElectric the same.  Nobody wants a machine that does not work when it needs to, we understand that.